Our Provenance

Scotland’s biggest export is Scottish salmon

We’re proud to be a Scottish company and consider ourselves fortunate to work along Scotland’s dramatic West Coast, playing an important role in a large number of Scotland’s local communities. We work closely within these communities, which are vital to the success of our business.

Operating from about 60 locations, we employ over 480 people. From HR to IT, processing to aquaculture innovation, science to quality control, we employ people across many disciplines. We are fortunate to have skilled people who take pride in their work and are passionate about our product.

The economic impact we have on remote communities in Scotland is very important to us. From the islanders working on our farms, to our involvement in local schools projects, training and apprenticeships, and sponsorship, we are proud to be part of rural life in Scotland, and we actively encourage sustainable development.

We support local communities, businesses and suppliers to strengthen employment with interesting jobs in the local economy.  Wherever possible, we aim to source locally to benefit the communities in which our staff live and work.